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     The world is all about watching, listening and reading.

     Newseria is all about video, sound and text.




We are a multimedia information agency providing business, innovation, technology and lifestyle news. We create content and services to help engage audiences by cooperating with companies, brands and broadcasters.

Our content is used, free of charge, by the largest television and radio stations, newspapers and Internet websites in Poland and abroad. Newseria provides the opportunity to communicate with the market for the companies and institutions.

We cooperate with a professional team of experienced journalists and editors. Our experts are market leaders, politicians, board representatives of state institutions and companies (including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange), analysts, artists and celebrities.

We run three specialized information services: Newseria Business, Newseria Innovation and Newseria Lifestyle.

Advantages for institutions and companies

  • High quality of the content
  • High media coverage
  • Content control
  • Time saving
  • Competence


With our service it becomes extraordinarily easy to quickly reach the media in an attractive form. Everyday, the information we create is received by several hundred journalists. Thanks to prior consultations, they gain control of their message and save time formerly spent on press conferences or meetings with journalists.

Newseria was established  in 2011 with companies and institutions in mind. We want to serve the media by helping to reduce their operating costs while guiding them towards a successful realization of their mission.

Our content forms:

  • News releases
  • Video clips
  • Conferences and conference registrations
  • Radio broadcasts 
  • Full photo service
  • Analyses, articles 
  • Corporate videos
  • Data on institutions 
  • Press conferences


All of the content is FREE OF CHARGE for  the media, information agencies and publishing companies.

We are pleased to announce that Newseria is the official partner of BBC World Service in Poland.



Polish consumers are more satisfied than Americans, with the customer satisfaction level being close to 80 percent

For six years the customer satisfaction index in Poland has grown by over 17 percentage points to nearly 78 percent, and it currently exceeds the customer satisfaction levels recorded in the USA and the United Kingdom. Service quality and its growing significance among businesses have had a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction. For the eleventh time the Customer Service Quality Star titles have been awarded to entrepreneurs recording the best results in this field.


Polish defence industry exhibits a significant growth potential. Polish army equipment tenders open huge prospects to companies.

As assessed by Krzysztof Krystowski, Deputy President of the Board of Leonardo Helicopters, the company which owns PZL-Świdnik, the Polish army and defence industry should undergo simultaneous modernisation. The participation of domestic entities in the army equipment tenders announced by the Ministry of National Defence (MON) is a huge opportunity. Given the scale and complexity of such contracts, their implementation will be based on strict cooperation between various Polish companies, with the potential cooperation between PZL-Świdnik and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Polish Armaments Group) in building a combat helicopter being an accurate example.


Polish secondary-school students working on a smart-home app for people with disabilities

More and more devices are becoming part of the ‘smart home’ concept. No longer limited to TVs or tablets, they now also include laundry machines, vacuum cleaners and even refrigerators. New ways to communicate with household appliances connected to the Internet are currently being brought to us by voice assistants. Now all that it takes to turn on the TV or switch between channels is a single voice command. A group of secondary-school students from Poland have decided to try and merge the ‘smart home’ concept with voice controllability. ‘DAREK’, the project they’re working on, is addressed to disabled users to help them move around the house. Using voice control, not only will they be able to open the door or roll the blinds down but even stock up the fridge.