Citroën is planning to sell 17,500 cars in Poland this year. The brand hopes to achieve this with this year’s premieres

2018-05-22  |  05:50

A designed-from-scratch, more modular and spacious Citroën Berlingo, and a new C4 Cactus after a facelift, equipped in a number of technological innovations – these two were the main stars presented by the brand during the Motor Show in Poznań. But Citroën has a few more premières up its sleeve, including C5 Aircross, a large D-segment SUV, which is to appear in stores in the second half of the year. This year the concern aims to sell 17,500 cars and delivery trucks on the Polish market. The C3 continues to be its best-selling model.

“The new Citroën Berlingo is a legend, a model which has sold in more than 3 million copies since its launch in 1996. Its third generation is completely different, created on our modular platform EMP2. The new Berlingo has changed. It has nineteen drive-support systems, a more modular interior and two wheelbases, to mention just a few innovations. And it is even more practical. You might find it interesting to know that it will have a Polish heart, because – starting next year – 1.2 PureTech gas engines will be produced in Poland,”  Sebastian Domeracki, Brand Director, Citroën Poland, told Newseria Biznes.

From its launch in 1996, Berlingo sold in more than 3.3 m copies. The latest, third, generation, of this model, which started the leisure activity vehicle, or LAV, category, had its première only three weeks ago in Geneva. The car was displayed for the second time during MotorShow in Poznań, the largest automotive event in Poland.

The trade fair was the first time audiences from Poland could see the new Citroën Berlingo ‘in the flesh’. The car will become available in dealerships in autumn/winter – the passenger-car version in October, and the light commercial vehicle version in January 2019.

The second début from Citroën during the MotorShow was the new C4 Cactus, which had undergone major changes in engine and engineering. The model is to provide drivers with the comfort previously unavailable in compact cars.

“This is the first model to have new Progressive Hydraulic Cushions. Citroën has always stood for comfort and superb suspension, and all this has been redefined in the new C4 Cactus. This model is addressed to C-segment compact car customers, and is available in a full range of PureTech turbo gas and diesel engines,” the Director emphasised.

The new C4 Cactus has been available in dealerships since early April. Its price starts from PLN 52,990 for the Live version. The manufacturer expects the most popular version on the Polish market to be the 110 KM PureTech turbo, which is to cost PLN 61,990.

This year the concern aims to sell 17,500 cars and delivery trucks on the Polish market, Sebastian Domeracki said. Citroën’s current best-selling model is C3, which ranks fifth in the B segment in terms of sales volume. This year, its estimated sales is to reach some 4,000 cars. On the Citroën’s stand in Poznań you could also see the limited edition version of the C3 Elle and the sports C3 WRC, which has had some racing successes.

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