Poland is strengthening its position as the leading European window manufacturer. The construction of Poland’s largest window factory has been completed in Pomerania

2018-04-19  |  05:55
Says:Wojciech Baszkowski, CEO of the Window Village of DOVISTA Polska
Jacek Siwiński, CEO of VELUX Polska
Paweł Orłowski, Member of the Board of the Pomorskie Voivodeship
Bogdan Borusewicz, Deputy Marshal of the Senate
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    Poland has been the European leader in window exports for three years. DOVISTA Polska, which belongs to the same capital group as the roof window producer VELUX, has just finished an expansion project, which is going to boost its position as a producer and exporter. The company invested PLN 22 m in the new 11,000 sq. m distribution centre. This project will help the company increase its production by 10-15 percent this year and create 100 new jobs. The factory in Wędkowy is the largest facility manufacturing wooden windows in Poland and one of the biggest employers in Pomerania.

    This week in the Window Village of DOVISTA the construction of a new distribution centre has been completed. It is set to significantly improve the logistics processes and increase production effectiveness

    “The project in a distribution centre for products exported to the Danish and British markets will provide us with additional warehouse area for production, which increases by 10-15 percent year on year. "We need more space to distribute our products to clients,”  Wojciech Baszkowski, CEO of the Window Village of DOVISTA Polska, told the Newseria Biznes information agency.

    The main purpose of the expansion, which took nearly a year, was to improve the logistics processes. The project will result in a significant reduction in the number of pallets supplied to clients, cutting costs on their part. The new production hall with an area of 11,000 sq. m can store about 4,000 pallets of windows at a time. The project value is PLN 22 m. Additionally, over 1,000 sq. m of modern office space has been constructed.

    DOVISTA is in the same capital group as the roof window manufacturer VELUX. Its factory in Wędkowy in Pomerania is the largest facility producing wooden windows in Poland. Currently, the company employs about 2,400 people at the facility.

    “The VELUX Group has been present in Poland for 28 years and has had a long-term investment vision since its inception. We’re all the more pleased to open another facility – the DOVISTA distribution centre, which will help the company to further develop and increase its production output. Poland has been the European leader in windows and doors exports since 2015 and as much as 25 percent of these exports come from our production facilities. The volume of our production for exports now exceeds PLN 1.9 bn. This project will contribute to strengthening our position in exports and allow us to create new jobs,”  Jacek Siwiński, CEO of VELUX Polska, said.

    The company’s plans for this year assume a 10-15 percent increase in production. The finished expansion project will also increase employment in the Pomeranian factory by 100.

    “About 40 percent of our employees are women. We are working to continually improve work ergonomics to ensure optimal capabilities of finding employees on the market,”  Wojciech Baszkowski said.

    Bogdan Borusewicz, Deputy Marshal of the Senate: “It’s a huge factory. Although it’s financed from Danish capital, it’s going to provide jobs and pay its taxes in Poland. Last year saw an unprecedented leap in the exports of windows from Poland and this new facility may be a good sign for the future.” 

    The Window Village of DOVISTA is one of the largest employers in the region, which has increased its employment by 500 over the last three years. It is a highly respected employer that provides contracts of employment and a benefits package, including medical care, insurance, training and English language courses.

    The Window Village supports employees in difficult life situations, for example when they or their family members require funds for specialist treatment by The employee Foundation. To date, it has spent over PLN 750,000 for this purpose, and twice as much to support organisations operating near Wędkowy.

    “It’s an impressive investment project known as the Window Village. Considering its size, it could easily be called the Window Village. It provides jobs and most products manufactured here, such as windows and all related products, are exported, which brings tax and economic benefits for the whole of Pomerania, including Tczew and all local communities,”  stressed Paweł Orłowski, Vice-Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship.

    Dovista Polska has 8 production halls with a total area of 32 ha. It uses 7 m running metres of wood per year and 1 m sq. m of glass, and its windows reach markets across Western Europe and Scandinavia. It is the largest of four Polish factories of the VELUX Group and its sister companies, and also the biggest window factory in Poland. Over the last three years, DOVISTA has invested PLN 100 m in its development.



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