The Polish aviation industry is an innovation leader. The Silesian Aviation Cluster among the best in Europe

2018-04-23  |  05:50
Says:Krzysztof Krystowski
Company:The Silesian Aviation Cluster
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  • The Silesian Aviation Cluster, as one of the first in Poland, has been awarded the Gold Label by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, the highest ESCA distinction for management quality.  This has ranked it among the best cluster in Europe. Experts have also recognised the SAC for its innovative activities. Last week the President of the Cluster Krzysztof Krystowski received a special award during the “Business inspirers: Innovations” gala. 

    “The Silesian Aviation Cluster, as the first one in Poland, received the Gold Label of quality for cluster management. This distinction is awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, which is a body acting on behalf of the European Commission whose tasks include evaluating the management quality of such business support organisations,” Krzysztof Krystowski, President of the Silesian Aviation Cluster and of the Polish Clusters Employers’ Association told the Newseria Biznes news agency.

    The Silesian Aviation Cluster consists of nearly 60 entities – companies from the aviation sector, higher education institutions and business support institutions. The focus of its activities is, i.a., the production of gliders, light aircraft and UAVs, manufacturing modules for aircraft engines, repair and counselling services for the aviation sector and training courses for the industry. The SAC was established in order to strengthen cooperation between enterprises and to create optimum conditions for knowledge and innovation transfer within the aviation sector.

    The cluster maintains close cooperation with the Subcarpathian Aviation Valley. Its members generate annual income of around PLN 3 bn, 80 percent of which comes from exports, and employ more than 15 thousand people. The SAC also launched specialisms in Lightweight Structures and Aircraft Design at the Silesian University of Technology, thanks to which students are able to quickly find their way around the job market in the aviation sector.

    In February 2018 the Silesian Aviation Cluster participated in an audit carried out by the ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) and was the first cluster in Poland to receive the Gold Label awarded to best clusters in Europe. The SAC may use it for two years.

     “Currently in Poland there are 16 key clusters selected by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, and the Silesian Aviation Cluster is one of them. We are the first in Poland to receive this prestigious distinction. This is really amazing, especially if we realise that there are very few clusters holding this label in Europe; for instance, Slovakia and Romania each have only one such cluster,” Krzysztof Krystowski said.

    As an expression of recognition for the Cluster's innovative activities, it also received a special award during the “Business inspirers: Innovations” gala held on 20 March 2018 in Warsaw. After receiving the distinction, Krzysztof Krystowski stated that the Polish and European awards will contribute to a higher recognisability of the Silesian Aviation Cluster in Poland and internationally.

    In Poland there are currently around 200 clusters, i.e. organisations associating companies from a specific sector of the economy. Cooperation within clusters makes it possible to achieve common goals, for instance R&D works, boosts innovativeness, facilitates trade contacts and creates favourable conditions for establishing new companies. The majority of Polish clusters operate in ICT, energy, renewable energy sources and construction industries, the medical and tourist sector as well as in business services.




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